August 30, 2006

An example of 'communication for development' from Ethiopia

How Ethiopian Youth and Community Dialogues Fight HIV/AIDS
by Ailish Byrne

Young drive 'radical media shift'

Does this article decribe you?
Does it describe the young people you are working with on your project?

Journalism without journalists

Find below a link to a New Yorker article by Nic Lemann, dean of the School of Journalism at Columbia University, New York, about citizen journalism...

This is great journalism about journalism.

August 28, 2006

Notes on development journalism

See Powerpoint notes on "development journalism". The first half of the presentation is based on the reading entitled "Development Journalism in Black Africa" by Domatob and Hall (in your reader). The second half is based on a reading by Johan Galtung, which takes into account some of the criticisms of development journalism in trying to imagine a "new paradigm" for the practice of this form of journalism.

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News Goo

News Goo

Communication Breakdown! Pause for this message. Wake up!
Every station is identification
Global syndication is shaping the nation. ABC-Disney, NBC-GE.
Murdock is Foxy and we’re the hen,
He owns the pen, the camera, the sword.
Buy a Coke, buy a Ford. Getting broke? Getting bored?
Selling attitude like food for the masses. Junk consumption. We’re lumpen
A bumpkin to the corporate state.
You cannot satiate what you can’t negotiate
Your will’s been snatched, The bill’s attached
Flim-flam diagram, data-jam, handicam Caught it, Yo, ya bought it
A mind is a profitable thing to waste.
Ya want another taste, baby? We got

News Goo – What we need to know
News Goo – What we want to know
News Goo – What we think we know
Got remote control to choose the show.
But the more we watch, the less we know
Ignorance grows on the spirit like a tumour… till freedom is a rumour.

"News Goo" by Polar Levine-sine language music/BMI

To download the song, go to:

August 25, 2006

The writing is on the wall

A short article I wrote a few years ago about some of the ideas and techniques we are currently experimenting with in the JDD course... Hopefully, this will give you some sense of where I am coming from.

The writing is on the wall
By Rod Amner
(1900 words)

When I proposed to 25 third year journalism students that our writing class take inspiration from an idea pioneered in places as unfashionable and inhospitable as the former-Soviet Union and Nepal, I should have expected the icy stares. But happily, within five weeks, this winter of classroom discontent, had begun to thaw into a tentative spring.
In retrospect there were many sound reasons for insisting on a “wall newspaper” (and I will elaborate on these later). But, in truth, the main impetus for the project was the simple fact that my department didn’t have the money to produce a “proper” newspaper. Newspapers are expensive – the basic costs of printing a modest 1000 copies of a 16-page tabloid were prohibitive.

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Lecture notes on development, 'Communication for Development', 'radical/ alternative journalism'

Please read through these lecture notes before next Tuesday's lecture... this will allow us to have qualitative discussion in class rather than ploughing through Powerpoint presentations.

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