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News Goo

News Goo

Communication Breakdown! Pause for this message. Wake up!
Every station is identification
Global syndication is shaping the nation. ABC-Disney, NBC-GE.
Murdock is Foxy and we’re the hen,
He owns the pen, the camera, the sword.
Buy a Coke, buy a Ford. Getting broke? Getting bored?
Selling attitude like food for the masses. Junk consumption. We’re lumpen
A bumpkin to the corporate state.
You cannot satiate what you can’t negotiate
Your will’s been snatched, The bill’s attached
Flim-flam diagram, data-jam, handicam Caught it, Yo, ya bought it
A mind is a profitable thing to waste.
Ya want another taste, baby? We got

News Goo – What we need to know
News Goo – What we want to know
News Goo – What we think we know
Got remote control to choose the show.
But the more we watch, the less we know
Ignorance grows on the spirit like a tumour… till freedom is a rumour.

"News Goo" by Polar Levine-sine language music/BMI

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Rod your enthusiasm frightens me. :oP

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