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No more notes...

Attendance at the Tuesday lectures has gone from poor to dismal. That's OK... you have a democratic right to boycott!
But, please know that I won't be posting any more course notes to the blog. You will have to do your own note-taking, reading and summaries from now on!

A reminder that you should read Haas & Steiner's article "Public Journalism as a Journalism of Publics", which can be found at an earlier entry on joblog.ru.ac.za. The seminar topic is "What implications does Fraser’s four-part critique of Habermas’s theory of the public sphere have for the theory and practise of public journalism?" We will also discuss how to we can apply Haas and Steiner's insights to the journalisms we propose doing in fourth term.


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Dear Rod, I can imagine that you won't post the notes on the blog, but is it possible to make the notes shorter in classes so we can still keep up with writing it down?

Thank you very much.

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